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Pinterest is a kind of social site, where people can be connected with people on the pretext of sharing pictures.  This is a site and mobile application created by three people.  The names of these three people are Ben Sieberman, Paul Scierra and Evan Sharp.  Complete information about this is being given here.

Pinterest History

The site was founded in the month of December 2009, and came to the public after about three months in March 2010 with the 'Closed Beta' version of the software. With the help of this application a person can save and categorize the pictures of his choice. The advantage of that classification is that others interested in the same photos can follow and share that picture. Its main purpose was to give people with a similar artistic interest the opportunity to share their things with each other. From the records of the year 2012 till the month of May, it was found that the pictures of categories like Home, Art, Style/Fashion, Food etc. 

 Silbermann said that during that period he himself wrote to five thousand people of the site on this subject and gave everyone his personal number. He himself met many consumers. Silbermann worked with some of his programmer colleagues in a small apartment until 2011. During this, Ben Silbermann wanted to sell Pinterest to a New York magazine, but the publishers of the magazine refused to meet him. After nine months, it was seen that the number of its subscribers has increased to ten thousand. With the launch of iPhone in March 2011, its download numbers also increased, this number turned out to be more than anticipated. Later in 2013 this application was updated. 

In August 2011, the iPad version of its app came to the public.In the month of August 2011, the world famous 'Time Magazine' included it in the world's fifty best website. As soon as it came to Time Magazine, it came in the public eye and in the month of December this year, it was included in the world's ten largest social networking site. According to a study, eleven million people started visiting this site every week. The following month it saw more traffic from LinkedIn and YouTube. 

 In the month of January of 2012, the number of its users increased a lot. At this time 11.7 million people joined it and with this it made a history of ten million unique users. Most of the sites on this site were women. Seeing so many people using Pinterest, the owner of the company, Bel Silbertman, announced that a profile page will be added to it very soon.

Pinterest Uses

This is a free website, which requires registration to use. In this, the user can upload the pictures of his choice as well as categorize it. These are called pins. It is a kind of personal media platform. The user can also browse other people's things very easily according to his choice. He can then pin the pictures of his choice to his board using the 'Pin it' option. Sharing this with different members finally comes the turn of the 'Pin Feed'. 

All members have their own PIN feed.The things uploaded to Pinterest are also found outside it. Its link can be bookmarked, which can be viewed later when you want to open it. Apart from this, pictures or other things from Pinterest can be very easily emailed to someone else. There are some other websites as well which offer the option of Pin Eat. From there the pictures can also be shared on Pinterest. The most important thing about Pinterest is that it can find pictures with the help of pictures instead of words.

How to register on Pinterest

Initially, there were many types of its registration, with the help of which one could get registered in Pinterest. At this time, to create an account in Pinterest, an invitation had to be taken from another friend using Pinterest. This troubled those whose friends did not use it and wanted to do it themselves. Creating an account became even easier after adding a profile page to it. 

 Now an account can be created in Pinterest very easily through Facebook, Twitter or other social networking site as well. If a user reposts or repins something, he can also repost it on Facebook or Twitter account through an option. A user can use more than one board for his content. These boards can be given different names, such as coat, travel, most popular, wedding etc. A pin is an image that can be linked to a website

How to create an account on Pinterest in English

To create an account in this, you can follow the following methods.

 ◾First go to, there are three options to sign up, Sign up with Facebook or Twitter.

 ◾If you do not have a Facebook account, create one first. After that, while logging in to Pinterest, a username of between three and five characters has to be given, in which no symbol, dash or punctuation can be used.

 ◾When you create a Pinterest account without Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest will want to sign up for your email address. From there the user's email is opened and from there the message sent by Pinterest arrives in the email's inbox.

 ◾A link will be given there, clicking on it creates an account.

 ◾The username given in it becomes a part of the URL of your Pinterest.

 ◾Later the username and email can be changed by going to the primary setting.

 ◾At the time of signing up, Pinterest helps you create your own image board, where you can pin up your images and share them with others.

 ◾Accepting this option is very beneficial. It is easy to make these boards by clicking on this option. Each board can be assigned a certain title. With this, the subject of the pictures, pinned in a board, is detected.

 ◾In this way a unique social site can be connected to Pinterest.

How to delete Pinterest Account

If you feel like using Pinterest that it is no longer needed, it is very easy to delete your account created on this social site. There are some small steps for this, which are given below.

◾First of all log in to your Pinterest account for the last time.

◾After logging in, click on the Profile button at the top of Pinterest.

◾Go to the Bolt button in your profile. There in Account Basics click on the option 'Deactivated Account'.

◾There you will be given some reasons for deleting your account. Go to the correct reason and click again.

◾Finally click on 'Confirm' option. By clicking on this button, your Pinterest account will remain inactive until you activate it yourself.

◾If you want to delete the account permanently, then click on the option of “Closed Account”.

◾Once you click here, you will get an email to confirm it. Confirm it.

◾If you do not activate the account for 2 weeks, it will be permanently deleted.

Once your account is deleted, your boards will no longer be in Pinterest in any way. Along with this, all the links to different social sites that remain with your Pinterest account, they are all erased forever. If you need to check again before deleting the account, you can search by going to

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