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In today's time, you will find many such businessmen and freelancer people who use Google Slides to do their work or to keep the project safe.  Through this great program of Google, people now keep all the details related to their presentation or their work online safe and use it online when needed.  The way people used to use Microsoft Office, in the same way now this online Google Slides is being used as an alternative to MS Office. In today's important article, what is Google Slides and how to use it  It goes, we are going to give you complete information on this subject.

What is Google Slides and when was it launched

This free and convenient platform of Google was launched on March 19, 2006 along with Google Docs, but now people have become aware of this great product of Google.  Google Slides program is providing its facilities to the people in more than 80 languages ​​and it is a kind of free web based presentation program and in this you can create presentation as well as use Google's best worksheet and  You can even make notes in the office, create slide shows, you can use a different feature to create your monthly budget and even more and use this program that comes with easy features.  On doing this, you can use many types of work in online medium absolutely free of cost.  Apart from this, you can use all the things found under this program as a collaboration with each other.

Advantages of using Google Slides

You can use Google Slides easily anywhere, absolutely free of cost just through internet access and this Google program directly competes with Microsoft's Power Point program and let's know, there are more ways to use it.  What Advantages Can We Get?

Free Availability: - The most important feature of this great program of Google is that it is available for you to use absolutely free of cost and Google does not take any charge from its users.

Cloud-referenced application: - You can use this best program of Google in online form and because of this we do not have problems like open our data or get corrupted.  Gets secure in the cloud store and Google already gives us 15GB of storage on its behalf for free.  If we want, we can increase this storage by paying some extra fee and can use this program online without any fear.

Action item feature: - If you use this program of Google as a cola press with other people, then when any kind of change has been made in it, then there you will get information related to the last change or improvement.  Which is a very good feature, which is exactly what makes it different from other similar programs.

Online and editing feature: - We can share this program of Google with any other person and give his role in his program and if that person uses your program or there is any change in it  Or can also improve, which is a great feature.

Multiple Device Access: - We can use this program of Google in any type of device and if we want, we can also install its extension in any type of web browser. Apart from this, this program of Google can be used on mobile.  For this, we can install the application of Google Slides from Google's Play Store and it can be used without any activation key.

Use of add-on facility :- If we want to use any type of add-on program in this slide program of google, then absolutely we can do it, it allows us to use any type of program.  For this, we have to first install its extension in Google Chrome and then we can use that addon program in Google Slides.

Power point friendly :- Most of the people are attracted towards this program of Google as Microsoft user and because of this, all types of power point related features related to Microsoft have been added keeping in mind the consumers.  In Google Slides, we can easily convert power point presentation into slide using import feature and get a friendly experience like running programs like power point by formatting accordingly.  Apart from this process, you do not have to do any kind of additional setting.

Facility of Templates: - Inside this Google Slides program, you get a feature of Build in Template and in addition you get different themes in it based on different categories and you can use it as per your requirement.  Can design and prepare a great presentation.  Inside the template gallery you will find many types of templates for free to use.

Various types of file formatting support facility: - In this program of Google, you can format and use many types of files and in this program you get the best feature of many types of program formatting support, so let's know,  Which programs supports Google Slides formatting, which are as follows – PPT, Pptx, Pptm, PPS, Ppsx, Pot, Potx, Potm.

Updated program and facility to use offline: - You can use this program offline as well, you just need to do some setting for this and you will get all those settings easily in this program.  Google's program is free as well as a completely updated version of the program.  In this program, we are provided updated version from time to time by Google, due to which its use is becoming more convenient day by day.

How to Use Google Slides

You cannot access Google's Slides program with the help of any special laptop or device, but you can access it through any Internet-connected device, yet let us know below, the three main ways through which You can access Google Slides.

Through Google Slides website: - You can also use it directly in your browser by visiting the official website of Google Slides. Or if you want, you can also use its extension in your browser, its extension will be easily found only in Google's Chrome browser.

Note: - If you use Google Slides in Google Chrome, then we do not have to create any type of ID password for this and we can access it directly through Chrome.

Through Google Drive: - You can also use Google Slides in Google Drive and for this you just have to open your Google Drive and then you have to click on the option of New here and further you will also have a different version of Google Slides. You will get the option and through that you can use this program.

Through Mobile App: - If you want to use Google Slides in any of your smartphone, then you have to first go to Google's Play Store and then there you have to search by typing Google Slides and then you will get the application here. Now you install this application and use it easily.

How to Learn the Google Slides Program

This is a program that does not require much special training for us to learn. We can learn it easily with just a little training. Let us know where you can get training on Google Slides.

Through Online Course: - If you search on Google or on YouTube by writing Google Slide Learn, you will see many results and from there you can read or watch the course in video or text format as per your convenience. . Apart from this on the Internet, you will find many websites that provide online Google Slides courses, some websites providing online courses are Udemy, Khan academy, Coursera, Skill share, Lynda etc.

Through Books:- You can buy many types of books and collect information from them to learn all the information about Google Slides and also get an experience to work in this field.

Through the Internet: - You will find many types of websites on the Internet, by visiting which you can read articles about Google Slides and get the initial knowledge from there. For this, you just have to search on the Internet by typing Google Slides Use Information and then you can read many articles with the help of the Internet.

Through Google Help Center: - You can read help articles related to Google Slides by going to Google Help Center and or if you want, you can know and use information related to this program through the community on Google Help Center. .

Through MS Office: - Those people who have problem in reading and listening to articles in English language, those people get all the details related to Google Slides in English language only. In such a situation, only Hindi-speaking people are not able to get courses or information related to Google Slides easily. If you want, you can take training of MS Office course or you can learn any related tutorial in Hindi. If you gain knowledge and a little experience related to MS Office, then you will be able to use Google Slides easily.

What is the difference between Google Slides and MS Powerpoint (Google Slides vs Powerpoint)

  • Those people who have used MS Powerpoint and now they are using Google Slides, those people will have a very good knowledge on this topic, what is the difference between these two, but those who have both Global Slides and Powerpoint Only things are not known, so in such a situation it can be very difficult for them to understand the difference between these two. Let us know, what is the difference between Google Slides and MS Powerpoint, which is as follows.

  • MS Power Point can be used only by its purchased users, but Google Slides can be used by all people for free only with the help of internet.
  • MS Power Point can only be used on a single device, as Microsoft licenses only one device to its users. If we want to use it on different devices, we will have to buy separate licenses, whereas Google Slides can be used on all devices absolutely free of charge.
  • All the work of Google Slides is protected on Google Cloud and if whenever Google Cloud's server is down, then we cannot use Google Slides in this situation.
  • But we can use MS power point anytime without any server down hassle.
  • Google Slides is a cloud based server working program and because of this, the data written or worked in it is saved and updated immediately. But inside MS power point we have to save the data again and again.
  • You can easily do any type of pass formatting in Google Slides and MS Powerpoint and the features are similar in both.
  • We can accomplish any type of work in Google Slides with other people using the collaboration feature, but we do not get this great feature inside MS Power Point.
  • We can use Google Slides in every small and big device, but we cannot use MS Power Point in the smallest device.

If we are looking for a convenient power point, then Google Slides is the best and comfortable for us and if it comes to any professional work, then most of the businessmen and professionals prefer to use MS power point only.


 Q: What is Google Slides?

 Ans: Google Slides is a program where you can do all kinds of work related to MS Power Point as online storage.

 Q: How to learn to use Google Slides?

 Ans: You can see and read all the tutorials related to this on YouTube and Google search engine.

 Q: Can you use Google Slides for free?

 Ans: You can use Google Slides absolutely free of cost.

 Q: Can we use Google Slides anywhere with the help of internet?

 Ans: You can use Google Slides anywhere with the help of internet.

 Q: Can I prepare my presentation in Google Slides?

 Ans: Yes, of course, you can prepare all types of presentations in Google Slides.


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