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Login is of great importance in the world of internet. There are many websites that require login to access. Often we have to give some of our personal information during login. Email, mobile number etc. have to be given in this information. After this, we are able to login to that website anytime by using the saved username, password etc. The specific information related to login is given below.

Login History

The term login was introduced around the year 1960 with the time sharing system and in the year 1970 with the bulletin board system. However, it was not used in early home computers. The login facility for home computers came with the advent of Windows NT, OS/2 and Linux. The word log in the word login is derived from the word chip log. Long ago chip logs were used to keep track of the distance traveled while traveling across the oceans. It is worth noting that login, logon and signin are the same, but there is a slight difference in them.

Login Process in English

Login primarily provides access to an Internet page that a non-login cannot access. Once logged in, the login token can be used to find out what work a website user has done while connected to the site. The website in which this facility is made for access is more secure than other websites. Here the necessary things are being described to login to a website.

  • Before login to any website, you have to create your account there.
  • Different websites demand different information to create an account. For example, if you want to create a Gmail account, then you have to give your name, date of birth, etc. along with phone number. Also you have to save the password for your login.
  • After giving all these information, you have to click on 'Terms and Conditions'. By clicking on it, you come under the conditions on the basis of which the website is running.
  • In this way your account is created on a website. You can login to this website whenever you want by giving your email id and login password.

Different logins have different login process. Some of the major website or social site and the word used for its login is being given below.

  • Google : Create account to signin/signout and create account.
  • Facebook : Login / Logout and Signup to create account in Facebook.
  • Yahoo : Sign in / sign out and create an account with “New Here? singn up"
  • Amazon : 'Hello Signin/' Not Sunny? “Signout” and “New Customer Start Here” to create an account
  • Twitter : Login / Logout and Signup to create an account

Difference between Login and Log in

There is no significant difference between login and login, but there are grammatical differences, which are briefly described below,

  •  Telling an agent to log in to a tech support area means turning on the computer and adjusting network settings.
  • Log in as a verb (verb) in English is used to regulate the actions of a computer system or any software. For example, it is used as a verb in the following way:
  • If Log in is written as Login, then this verb becomes a noun. However, at this time it is also used as an adjective. An example of its use as a noun in English is given below.
  • Login as an adjective is used in the following way.

Difference between login and logon

While browsing the website, we get login and logon options. The option of login on many websites and logon on many websites is seen. Many people think that login and logon are both the same task, because with the help of both a website is accessed, and to perform both these tasks, username and password are used. To some extent this is also true, but knowing the depth shows that there are some differences between the two. Although these differences are very small, but still so fundamental that login cannot be called logon, the fundamental difference between these two is described below.

  •  Login acts like a security gate for a website, through which you enter a secure website. To use many websites such as Facebook, Gmail, Outlook or other social and job search websites, it has been made mandatory that you have an account on this website, and you login to use it. In fact it is kind of a pass. The username and password for login to many websites is created with the help of a registered Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. In the login process, although you can refer your account to another user, it is not possible to run the same account with two usernames.
  •  Logon is mainly used for Windows operating system and database management system accounts. If a computer or laptop is password protected, you will need a password to operate that computer. Therefore, like login, no username is required here. Here, in fact, your administration name is used as the username, which is already written on the logon screen. So here you only need the correct password. With the help of logon, you can create more than one user for a single operating system. Except your personal user account, all other accounts work as guest accounts.

So the main difference between login and logon is that both username and password are required while login, but only valid password for logon, as the username is already written on the logon screen.


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